REG got its start in biomass-based diesel two decades ago while operating under the umbrella of West Central Cooperative in Ralston, Iowa, USA. REG has since grown into a leading advanced biofuels producer and renewable chemicals company, selling products through ​an international distribution and logistics system. We will continue to broaden our footprint through a global focus, continuous innovation and an expanding product portfolio.

To learn more about REG's growth over the last 20+ years, click here to view our company history book Enabling a Cleaner World: The History of Renewable Energy Group, 1995-2015.


Achieved milestone of two billion gallons of biomass-based diesel sold.

​Acquired full ownership of Petrotec AG which includes a used cooking oil collection and processing facility in Burlo, Germany; a 23 mmgy facility in Oeding, Germany; and a 27 mmgy facility in Emden, Germany — creating REG Burlo, REG Oeding,and REG Emden in January.


Reached $2 billion in annual revenue for the first time in company history.
Acquired 20 mmgy Sanimax facility in DeForest, Wisconsin in March.

Delivered first commercial product, a specialty fatty acid, from REG Life Sciences in October. 


Acquired 100 mmgy Imperium Renewables facility in the Port of Grays Harbor, Washington in August. 


Acquired majority stake in German biodiesel producer Petrotec AG in December.

Acquired 75 mmgy Dynamic Fuels renewable diesel facility in Geismar, Louisiana — creating REG Geismar, LLC and REG Synthetic Fuels, LLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June.

Achieved milestone of one billion gallons of biodiesel sold throughout its history in April.

Acquired leading renewable chemical technology developer LS9 along with its demonstration production facility in Okeechobee, Florida — creating REG Life Sciences, LLC in January.


Acquired Mason City, Iowa, plant through an agreement with Soy Energy, LLC in June.

First barge shipment of biodiesel sent from REG Seneca, LLC in November.


Announced initial public offering (IPO) of common stock and became a publicly traded company on NASDAQ in January. Click here to view current stock information.

Acquired 15 mmgy facility in New Boston, Texas, in October.

Acquired 15 mmgy facility outside of Atlanta, Georgia, in nearby Ellenwood in November.

Reached $1 billion in annual revenue for the first time in company history.


Acquired Albert Lea, Minnesota, assets of SoyMor Biodiesel, LLC in July.


Acquired Central Iowa Energy, LLC and consolidated with Blackhawk Biofuels, LLC — adding REG Newton and REG Danville in March and February, respectively.

Acquired Seneca, Illinois, assets of Nova Biosource through sale/leaseback program in April.

Acquired Tellurian Biodiesel and American BDF in July.

Acquired Clovis, New Mexico, biodiesel facility in common stock agreement with ARES in September.


Completed technology upgrades for Blackhawk Biofuels, LLC facility in Danville, Illinois, in April.


Introduced REG-9000 Biodiesel brand and quality specifications.

Acquired 35 mmgy facility in Houston, Texas, in June.


Broke ground on 60 mmgy facilities in Emporia, Kansas, and New Orleans, Louisiana, in June.


Formed Renewable Energy Group, Inc. as an independent corporation in August.

Announced $100 million private equity and new industry partnerships in August.


In cooperation with Iowa State University, West Central received a $1.19 million grant from the USDA to study and develop new technologies for the production of methyl esters.


West Central launched Renewable Energy Group, LLC as a partnership with Todd & Sargent in January.


West Central opened one of the world's largest continuous flow processing plants for processing soybean oil into premium biodiesel fuel in Ralston, Iowa, in August.


West Central began to market SoyPOWER brand premium biodiesel fuel.


First methyl ester plant built in Ralston, Iowa as a way to add value to co-op members' grain.

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